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Startups Brazil Connection – SBC is a Program of Acceleration and Internationalization for Startups which applies an authorial business matchmaking methodology, characterized by its innovative and disruptive approach.


It starts from the premise that Startups should not necessarily view other Startups as "competitors", but rather as "partners" in the growth process, because as established in the well-known maxim: "alone we go faster, together we go further (and higher ).

The Acceleration and Internationalization Program called "Startups Brazil Connection - SBC" is managed by a joint venture formed by 3 companies united by the same objective: to make the world better by solving its main challenges from innovative solutions provided by Startups .

The companies that make up the SBC Management Committee are Network Online, Salutem Brasil and Conecta International Business Brazil and has as a partner in India the Startups  Sparkinov and Avas Digitech.


Directly helping Startups scale their businesses through global partnerships that allow them to expand their opportunities for growth and traction. For Brazilian Startups, we focus on the internationalization of the business and on building a Global DNA. For foreign Startups, we work with softlanding by strategically inserting them into the Brazilian Business Ecosystem.


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Academic Researchers who want to turn their projects into a business and want to submit it to public and private innovation notices

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startups (71).png

Conventional companies that need innovative technological solutions provided by Startups and/or create Open Innovation programs to facilitate this process

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Brazilian Startups that want to internationalize and Startups from other countries that want to perform softlanding in Brazil and are looking for investments.

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Governments that need to create programs to hire Startups


We only work with stakeholders and partners: Startups, Companies, Investors and others which are aligned with our principles and values:


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Environment, Social and Governance principes


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Inovação centrada em pessoas



What makes the Startups Brazil Connection Program unique?


All Startups and Partner Companies and Investors undergo a national and international "Compliance" and "Due-diligence" process before being integrated into the SBC Business Connection Ecosystem, providing security, credibility and transparency to the process.

International Networking

Our team has international networking through a network of strategic partners in the global innovation ecosystem. This relationship is even endorsed by the largest innovation institution in the world, the International Federation of Inventor's Association ( which has representations in more than 70 countries, a factor that facilitates the connection with business ecosystems in several countries.

The national connection power of our Team in the various innovation and business Ecosystems, both in the public and private sectors, Academy, Incubators, Acellerators and Investors, expands the possibilities of success in connecting international and Brazilian Startups with these stakeholders.

Brazilian Networking

Team of Mentors, Consultants and Teachers with diversified skllls and large professional experience

The variety of skills and practices in all sectors necessary to promote the growth of the Startup and the members of the teams that compose it through Mentoring, Consulting, Advisory and Technical Training customized to the needs of each Startup related to hard and soft skills.



Applying an authorial methodology, a  SBC   effectively connects Brazilian Startups with International Startups and/or Innovation Ecosystems (Incubators, Accelerators, Hubs, Universities) and international Startups with Brazilian Startups and Ecosystems and, through business matchmaking, establishes business relationships that result in gains for all parties (win-win).



1-Creation of registration on the website by filling out the form

2- Data analysis by the SBC Team, definition of the Startups profile and creation of the global database of International Startups that will accompany the data referring to potential partners (Brazilian Startups and innovation environments) and consultants.  


3- Carrying out the business matchmaking process, identifying potential Startups and innovation environments, partners and customers. 


4- Signing of the commercial representation agreement with Startups that have aroused interest in the Brazilian market. 

5- Meetings for presentation of solutions by Startups to potential customers, strategic  partners (Startups, Incubators, Accelerators) and investors.


6- Once the match is identified, it will be forwarded to sign the partnership and/or sale agreement between the parties.

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How can we help your Startups to scale-up globally?


Other  actions to accelerate the scalability process (Go to the Market), from the pillars of the Startups Brazil Connection Hub - SBC, through the application of Business Matchmaking that demonstrate that our contribution is complete considering several possibilities of services according to the needs of your startup.

Following are some examples:


1- Structuring growth and launching new products ("Growth" and "Go to Market" strategies).

2- Connection with investors.

3- Submission of proposals for access to resources for innovation in the private sector (open innovation) and public (public call notices).

4- Elaboration of operational, tactical and strategic planning, applying several tools customized to the Startup's needs: "Business Model Canvas", "Value Proposition Business", "SWOT", PDCA, Internationalization Plan and others.

5- Mapping and Improvement of Processes for Management with a Focus on Results.

6- Alignment with ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) principles.

7- Consutancy in Intellectual Property, Legal (international partnership agreements), financial and accounting.

8- Support in remote meetings with potential international clients in English.

9- Representation in international innovation and business events.


Also get to know the topics of the SBC Academy Courses to take your knowledge to a global level and reach new markets.

In addition to the Mentorships, Consultancies and Customized Advice offered by the SBC Team, we also provide lectures, workshops and online and in-person courses to provide your Team with the theoretical and practical knowledge essential to leverage your business and raise the level of your Startup to the Global level.

We have a team of professors who are characterized not only by theoretical knowledge, but mainly by practical experience and, in this way, they will be able to share with their Team the best practices of innovative management focused on results and always aligned with the principles of Humanized Leadership.

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Our contribution is complete considering several possibilities of services according to the needs of your startup. Following are some examples courses and workshops:


1. Business English courses;

 ​2.  Team Development and Leadership;

3. Digital marketing;

4. Agile methodogies: Scrum, Design Sprint, OKRs.

5. Design Thinking.



The Startups Business Connection Program wants  to know you Startup and in this way identify the best way we can help you to scale your business and achieve the results click on the image below and fill out the form,




Marcelo Vivacqua


Associate mentor at Startups Brazil Connection

Expert in connections in Innovation Ecosystems and International Business.

Specialist in Innovation, Leadership,

Business Development and Internationalization


Érica da Silva
Pereira Frere

Associate Mentor Startups Brazil Connection

Founder of APP Network Online, expert in B2B digital solutions and 360º connections, growth hacker for startups and companies, mentor, advisor and speaker.


Antonella Satyro

Associate Mentor

Startups Brazil Connection

CEO & Co-Founder of the Human Skills Manifesto; Future Skills Advisor, Leadership, Innovation & Start-ups; Futuristic; Angel Investor; TEDx; Speaker; Speaker; writer


Anand Kannan


Head of Startups Business Connection in India

Expert in Connections

Innovation Ecosystem and

indian business

Marketing Specialist

and Business


Ruberson Saraiva

Associated Mentor Startups Brazil Connection


Founder os Salute Brazil; Graduated in Business Administration, MBA - Executive in Business Management and Strategy, MBA - Executive in Integrated Operational Logistics Management, Master's in Stock Exchange and Capital Markets-Compliance.

Foto ML_Encyclossapiens_120622.jpg

Mariangela Lückmann

Associate mentor at Startups Brazil Connection

Founder e  CEO of the company Parimpacto Innovation and interconnections for positive impact, territorial development and business.

foto Carlos Araujo.jpeg

Carlos Araujo

Associate mentor at Startups Brazil Connection


Head of Information Technology and specialist in international connections for systems management and operational controls.

Foto Paulo Cruz Filho.jpg

Paulo Cruz Filho

Associate mentor at Startups Brazil Connection

CEO e  Co-fundador  da empresa We.Flow.  Fundador da empresa Parimpacto Inovação e interconnections for positive impact, territorial and business development.


Marco de Biasi

Mentor associado  Startups Brazil Connection

Partner LGA and LAAS Latam Angels Society, Acceleration Program Director Founder Institute SP, Startups Investor and Advisor, Specialist in Management Consulting, Administration, Business Strategy, Investment Management, Startup Selection & Valuation.




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